Services List

A current account with a 4 % yearly interest, paid monthly and calculated daily for a minimum balance of 25000 L.E

Three-years Certificate

Savings Certificates with fixed frequently interest

3-years saving certificate with fixed frequently prepaid interest of 11% earned monthly.

3-years saving certificate with fixed frequently interest of 11.5% earned quarterly.

3-years saving certificate with fixed frequently prepaid interest of 12% earned yearly

1 - The certificate shall be issued in the denomination of EGP 1000 and its multiples.

2 - Issued for natural persons and allowed to minors in their names under guardianship of their parents.

3 - The holder of certificate is allowed to take out a loan with a lending rate up to 80% of the nominal value of certificate as a guarantee and with a debit return of 4% above the certificate's price.

4 - The interest shall be calculated as of the following date of purchase.

5 - Redemption is allowed after 6 months following the date of purchase and shall be made according to the table published by the Bank.

Certificate with variable rate

- Nominal certificate at the CBE (current corridor deposit rate) paid monthly.
- Nominal certificate at the CBE (current corridor deposit rate) + 0.25% paid every 3 month.

1 - The interest is calculated starting from the next working day after purchase.
2 - Certificate's price: EGP 1000 and its multiples without maximum limit.
3 - CD can be purchased in name of minors by their legitimate guardians.
4 - The CD can be completely or partially redeemed after 6 month.

Five-years Certificate (Tomouh)

- A5-years fixed interest rate certificate

Interest Payment Frequency                                     Interest Rates

          Monthly                                                                9.50%

          Quarterly                                                             9.65%

          Semi-Annually                                                      9.75%

          Annually                                                               10.00%

          Cumulative                                                          61.00%


- Interest rates are calculated as of the day of purchase.

- Minimumpurchase amount EGP 1,000 and its multiples without a maximum limit.

Ten-years Certificate (Tharaa)

- A10-years fixed interest rate certificate

Interest Payment Frequency                                       Interest Rates

          Monthly                                                                10.00%

          Quarterly                                                             10.10%

          Semi-Annually                                                      10.25%

          Annually                                                               10.50%

          Cumulative                                                         171.00%

- Interest rates are calculated as of the day of purchase.

- Minimum purchase amount EGP 1,000 and its multiples without a maximum limit.

Our array or saving accounts available for current and new customers offers a competitive interest rate up to 9.00%,where you can select from different payment intervals (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually) and perform any transactions anytime.



Ø  Lending against the Fund up to 90%.

Ø  Available for individual / minor (Egyptian & foreign).

Ø  Interest capitalized on the account based on the different payment intervals.

Ø  Minimum balance to calculate the interest is EGP 5,000.

Ø  Issuing Debit Card.

Ø  Allow standing order.

Ø  Terms and conditions applies.

It allows you to withdraw a part of the deposit during validity when needed without penalties to the remaining value, which continues to bear the same interest rate until maturity date. You can borrow up to 90% from the value of the deposit. Interest rates are displayed in our branches.
- Withdraw from all our branches during 24 hours daily including vacations and official holidays or throughout the bank's network without any commissions.
- All the ATMs carrying the logo of 123 can be used by customers all over the country.
- Also the customer has access through the ATM to see his balance and to internally transfer money from his saving account to his current account and vice versa.  
– In case of lost or stolen cards the customer can call 19189 to inform & stop card.
  • Visa credit cards are issued in both classic and golden types, dealt with locally and internationally ·
  • It prevents the hazards of carrying cash and dealing with different currencies abroad. ·
  • It gives you the access to our ATMs and all international bank branches through the biggest ATM network all over the world ·
  • It allows the issuance of additional cards for your family members with different ceilings according to your choice.
  • To ensure the safety of financialtransactions, please consider ranges implemented on Credit Cards:


    • The daily cash withdrawal limit of foreign currencies:


    Card Type

    Maximum limit/day


    Maximum limit/month


    Classic Card

    USD 150

    USD 150

    Golden Card

    USD 300

    USD 300


    • Purchase limit in foreign currency out of the country:


    Card Type

    Maximum limit/month


    Classic Card

    USD 1000

    Golden Card

    USD 2000


    • Applying a 5.50% commission on purchases and cash withdrawal transactions in foreign currency
    • Minimum payment per month is 5.00%
    • Commission on overseas cash withdrawal (5.50% + EGP 30) on each cash withdrawal
    • The date of payment is on 28th of each month allowing a period of 58 days
    • Please call (19189) to activate your Credit Card
    • In Case of loss of card please contact inside Egypt hot line 19189 and out of the country please call +2022195400
    • If you don's receive a message on mobile per each transaction, refer to your branch to register or amend mobile no.
    The donor has the right to withdraw or redeem the total balance of donation at any time through his life. The doner does not have the right to deal on the account through the donator's life – the interest rate is added or disbursed to the doner's account according to its maturity date.
    Keep your property documents, precious valuables in Mid Bank Safe Boxes in certain branches, available any time upon your request. Mid Bank safe boxes :
    1- Available in various sizes according to your needs .
    2- Anti-fire design to ensure ultimate protection.
    3- Total confidentiality and privacy while opening the safe within a well equipped room.
    4- Can be dealt with by a power of attorney.
    The account is opened by the underage where he can deal on the account by himself even if the deposits are made by the father or the guardian. Also an ATM card can be issued in his name.
    (Personal loans/ Car loans/ furnishing apartments)
    • For Organizations and employees of companies and institutions guaranteed by the transfer of salary or monthly installment.
    • They should be having an Egyptian nationality and a valid national ID.
    • Minimum loan amount is L.E. 5000
    • Maximum loan amount is L.E. 100000 according to the type of the loan.
    • Payment varies from 12 months till 60 months
    • Age ranging from 25 years to 55 years old .
    The landline telephone bills can be paid for our customers by deducting the required amount automatically from their balances according to the maturity dates of Telecom Egypt's invoices, without having to contact the customers every month. This service costs only 2 LE per bill.
    Through the use of SWIFT internally and externally or the internal ACH system which enables customers to make transfers to another bank in the same day at low rates.
    Moreover, the standing instructions of customers can be implemented through ACH system in addition to other banks. Furthermore, the payment of financial obligations can be facilitated through ACH system.
    Mutual fund are issued by Mid Bank and managed by highly efficient professionals through HC Assets Management Company. The funds are divided as follows :
    1- The first fund (The Balanced Fund) :
    Invests in stocks and bonds in stock market. The price varies weekly according to the increase and decrease of the stocks' prices .
    2-The second fund document (Fixed Income Fund) :
    (Buying Currently stalled) Invests in cash instruments such as governmental bonds and treasury bills . The price changes daily according to the added return. The variable return is paid to the holder on the first of Jan. and the first of June every year besides the daily calculation of the interest.
    3-The third fund ( The Fund of Funds – Wafi ) :
    A mutual fund of an accumulated return and periodical distribution. This fund invests in purchasing other funds and it's managed by Al-Rashad Company . 
    Mid Bank provides the following services throughout a specialized management : Founding companies, receiving subscriptions, collecting customers' coupons, purchasing and selling in stock market for customers, stocks custody and book-keeping.Cairo , Nasr City and Newcairo branchs have windows for Misr for Clearing company to pay customers' coupons .
    Our clients can get their salaries or pensions by their A.T.M cards, through our A.T.M machines or other banks' machines that carry the 123 logo or from our different branches .
    Mid Bank is one of the five banks participating in the settlement system in the securities stock market. Brokerage companies are able to purchase and sell in the stock market and make settlements throughout Mid Bank.
     Mid Bank is one of 14 banks authorized to purchase the treasury bills and government bonds from the MOF for the account of customers and other non primary dealers banks, in addition to resale for customers. Also, the Bank performs all banking operations and provides credit facilities, short and long-term loans. 
     Visit the nearest Mid Bank branch and benefit from the electronic service payment of taxes and customs.
    o The service is available for both Mid Bank customers and non customers
    o Availability to pay taxes and customs from any of Mid Bank branches with low commission.
    o Avoid carrying of money and checks.
    o Variety of payment methods: availability to pay from customer's account or cash payment.

    Taxes Payment:
    o Customer submits tax number to the bank

    Customs Payment:
    o Customer submits shipment number to the bank. 
    - Saving the Egyptian Heritage Fund - Account. No 7000
    - We Owe To Egypt Foundation - Account. No 555557
    - Long Live Egypt Fund - Account. No 370370
    - Support Egypt Fund - Account. No 306306
    - Al-Azhar Satellite Channel - Account. No 601010
    - Nahdet Misr - Account. No 333333
    - In Love of Egypt - Account. No 222222
    - Together to Develop Slums Campaign - Account. No 444333
    - Revolution Injured and Martyrs Families Support - Account. No 500500
    - Zewail City of Science and Technology - Account. No 10001000
    - Zakat House- Zakat Money - Account. No 88881
    - Zakat House- Donations and Sadaqat Money - Account. No 77779 

    This service enables the customers to receive SMS on each withdrawal , deposit and cheque collected against EGP 0.30 to be automatically debited from the accounts of the subscribed customers.

    - Fees of Account Opening         EGP 25 for individuals      EGP 50 for companies 
    - Fees of Account Statement     EGP 25 / 3 months 
    - Issuance Fees                  EGP 25
    - Renewal & Damaged Fees   EGP 25




    EGP 250

    EGP 150

    Issuance Fees

    EGP 200

    EGP 75

    Renewal Fees

    EGP 100

    EGP 75

    Additional Card

    EGP 50

    EGP 50

    Replacement \ Damaged Fees

    EGP 20

    10 Cheques

    EGP 40

    20 Cheques

    EGP 100

    50 Cheques

    10 CM

    300 EGP

    15 CM

    400 EGP

    20 CM

    550 EGP

    30 CM

    900 EGP

    + 1000 EGP as insurance amount to be repaid for customer after termination of contract