The Bank's success in achieving its goals depends on its customers' trust, where the Bank's employee is the pillar of said trust. Therefore, he exerts every conceivable effort in work to submit a distinguished banking service while committing to objectivity and neutrality in dealing with the Bank's customers.

Moreover, all the employees are fully aware of the risk of non-compliance with the laws, sound regulatory and banking controls which are represented in the possibility of being exposed to financial losses or whatever that might affect the Bank's reputation.

Accordingly, the Bank's employee should commit to the following:
  • To be an honorable example of nobility of character and trustworthy, while his public and private relations must be a proof of such characteristics. He also has to keep himself away from suspicions and not to receive from the Bank's clients any tangible or intangible returns for any work including his job competences.
  • Commitment to the Bank's policies, controls and its executive procedures.
  • Taking into consideration to follow the professional attitude and work ethics as well as dialogue etiquette with customers and colleagues.
  • Taking care of the personal appearance, maintaining the cleanliness of the place which reflects the Bank's image.
  • Discipline in work, respecting attendance hours and taking advantage of working time to develop the Bank's activity.
  • Maintaining the Bank's customers and taking good care to solve their problems and advising them on time within the framework of the Bank's controls and procedures.
  • Keeping the secrets related to the Bank, customers and employees and never to disclose them.
  • Submitting any problems during work time to the direct manager in order to carry out the required procedures on time to ensure non-accumulation of said problems and to be solved at once to maintain a proper work progress.
  • Refraining to disclose to the media - unless authorized - any data, declarations or information of any kind related to the relation between the employee and the Bank or as regards the Bank's activities and customers.
  • Taking into consideration not to stick any stickers on walls either inside or outside the office.
  • Reporting the compliance officer about illegal practices or those breaching the laws or procedures. However, in case of immoral violation, the manager in charge or the General Manager should be reported.